TableSorter plug-in for jQuery

tablesorter 2.0

The new tablesorter 2.0 has been released

The main new features include:
* Multi-column sorting
* In-line support for setting options done via the class attribute on the TH elements.
* The plugin has been re-written from scratch.
* Support for rowspan and colspan on TH elements.
* New widget support, more information in the docs.

This will take care of all the issues regarding the 1.x release and user are encourage to upgrade.

The new 2.0 release can be found here:
jQuery plugin: Tablesorter 2.0

tablesorter 1.x

This plugin is dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.
So there you go, do what every you like with it!

If you like it please feel free to make a donation.


Documentation / Examples

Questions, problems, bugs and love letters, Email Me


Tested successfully on:
– Firefox > 1.x
– Opera 8.54, Opera 9.0 Beta 2
– IE 5.5, IE 6.x, IE 7 Beta 2
– Safari 2.03
– Konqueror 3.4.x